12th World Rogaining Championships 2014


The official results for the 12th World Rogaining Championships 2014 South Dakota follow.  Sans any last minute challenges that would effect placings, these results are official. Participants had seven days (one week, until 04 September 2014) to provide any feedback before these results became final. Thank you for your support and patience while the processes worked their magic..

Good job team! Special recognition to Richard Robinson, Lauri Leppik, Bud Laird, Tarmo Klaar, Guntars Mankus, and Valerie Meyer for their DR efforts. Thank you all.

The top three places for the gender-age categories are below.

Team standings are linked in the file Team Results and the individual splits are found in the accompanying pdf file, Team Splits. Thank you, Guntars.

Here is the RogainManager view with the official results. The output includes team and team member names (Rule C17 formats) and distance estimates. The Splits are now official. Our regards, Tarmo.

Congratulations to all for a job well done!


12WRC2014 Results